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Manufacturing Makes The Future!

NHMA Initiatives

Vision: NHMA will be a catalyst and collaborator for an effective and thriving manufacturing economy in the state of Connecticut.

Mission: NHMA informs, advocates, educates, and collaborates to support its members and their communities.

NHMA Strategic Objectives, Strategies & Measures

Public Officials will understand why Manufacturing deserves their support

  • Supporting Strategy: Increase NHMA membership
  • Supporting Measure: Connecticut will offer manufacturer benefits competitive with other states

Manufacturers will be viewed as desirable by the general public

  • Supporting Strategy: Fund Multi-media marketing coverage outreach
  • Supporting Strategy: Establish web links for coverage.
  • Supporting Strategy: Create newsworthy events
  • Supporting Measure: Number of events, coverages and links
  • Supporting Measure: Connecticut will offer manufacturer benefits competitive with other states

Manufacturer attendance at NHMA programs will increase

  • Supporting Strategy: Topic Coverage will Improve
  • Supporting Strategy: Presentation Quality will be assured
  • Supporting Strategy: Manufacturing members, especially new members, will be offered product display opportunity at meetings.
  • Supporting Measure: Feedback forms indicate Excellent Quality
  • Supporting Measure: Manufacturers attendance increases.

Manufacturing employees will have access to the right training & development resources and funding support

  • Supporting Strategy: Enabling the Manufacturing Workforce will have a clear strategy and role-clarity to better coordinate the players
  • Supporting Measure: Number of coordinating organizations/programs developed.

Schools will promote manufacturing jobs and have updated equipment to teach manufacturing skills

  • Supporting Strategy: Manufacturing Jobs will be viewed as attractive, premium jobs
  • Supporting Measure: School programs are filled, graduates are hired

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