The following requirements and guidelines are used by the NHMA Membership Committee to process applications for membership. A PDF printable Membership Application is available below.


  1. Completed application form
  2. Check for full annual dues amount - included with application form
  3. Applicants with a non-manufacturing SIC code need to recruit two new members with a Manufacturing SIC code (see footnote below Guidelines)
  4. Membership Committee approval of the application


  1. The Association’s goal is to attain and maintain a composition ratio of at least 2/3 manufacturing members and 1/3 non-manufacturing members
  2. Member classification will be determined by their primary SIC code
  3. There is no restriction on location of member companies
  4. Non-manufacturing members are expected to help foster an educational environment. Direct selling of products or services to the manufacturing members by non-manufacturers is strongly discouraged
  5. Non-members who wish to attend a regular Association meeting can attend as a guest .
  6. Applicant review and approval is the responsibility solely of the Association membership committee.
  7. Meeting notices are sent out via e-mail. All members are strongly encouraged to ensure that the Association has correct e-mail addresses.

A non-manufacturing organization wishing to join the Association can be granted a provisional membership for up to one year, Board review of continuing membership is based on:
1. The Provisional member recruits at least two new manufacturing members within the one provisional year
2. The Provisional member delivers a unique and valuable contribution as determined by the Officers and Board of Directors.

Membership Application
A printable PDF Membership Application is available below or contact:
New Haven Manufacturers Association 
Jamie Scott, Executive Director
(860) 430-4976

NHMA Goals

  • Provide a forum where area manufacturers can get together in the spirit of information exchange and cooperation
  • Provide networking opportunities for executives of a diverse group of area business
  • Educate our members and provide relevant information through selected speakers during Association meetings
  • Bring critical issues to our State legislature and Local Governments through our lobbying alliance with the Connecticut Association of Smaller Manufacturers.
  • Promote manufacturing growth and opportunities for Manufacturing companies in New Haven County