Membership Requirements

NHMA Membership

The following requirements and guidelines are used by the NHMA Membership Committee to process applications for membership.


  1. Completed application form
  2. Check for full annual dues amount - included with application form
  3. Applicants with a non-manufacturing SIC code are required to recruit and submit with their application two additional completed membership applications for companies with a Manufacturing SIC code
  4. Membership Committee approval of the application

  1. The Association’s goal is to attain and maintain a composition ratio of at least 2/3 manufacturing members and 1/3 non-manufacturing members
  2. Member classification will be determined by their primary SIC code
  3. There is no restriction on location of member companies
  4. Non-manufacturing members are expected to help foster an educational environment. Direct selling of products or services to the manufacturing members by non-manufacturers is strongly discouraged
  5. Non-members who wish to attend a regular Association meeting must be invited as a guest of a current member. The member must also be present to introduce the guest to the other attendees.
  6. Applicant review and approval is the responsibility solely of the Association membership committee.
  7. Meeting notices are sent out via e-mail. All members are strongly encouraged to ensure that the Association has correct e-mail addresses.
A new non-manufacturing organization wishing to join the Association must recruit at least two new manufacturing members before its application can be approved.  In addition to ensuring that those applications are submitted to the Association, their names must be included on the applicant’s Membership Application form.  Exceptions to this recruiting requirement may be made in special cases where it is determined that the applicant will deliver a unique and valuable contribution to the Association.  A one year provisional membership can be approved to provide time to meet these requirements.