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NHMA Initiatives

We believe manufacturing makes the future.

We exist to be a gateway to success and fulfillment in manufacturing.

NHMA will be a catalyst and collaborator for an effective and thriving manufacturing economy in the state of Connecticut.

NHMA informs, advocates, educates, and collaborates to support its members and their communities.

NHMA Strategic Objectives, Strategies & Measures

Public Officials will understand why Manufacturing deserves their support

  • Supporting Strategy: Increase NHMA membership
  • Supporting Measure: Connecticut will offer manufacturer benefits competitive with other states

Manufacturers will be viewed as desirable by the general public

  • Supporting Strategy: Fund Multi-media marketing coverage outreach
  • Supporting Strategy: Establish web links for coverage.
  • Supporting Strategy: Create newsworthy events
  • Supporting Measure: Number of events, coverages and links
  • Supporting Measure: Connecticut will offer manufacturer benefits competitive with other states

Manufacturer attendance at NHMA programs will increase

  • Supporting Strategy: Topic Coverage will Improve
  • Supporting Strategy: Presentation Quality will be assured
  • Supporting Strategy: Manufacturing members, especially new members, will be offered product display opportunity at meetings.
  • Supporting Measure: Feedback forms indicate Excellent Quality
  • Supporting Measure: Manufacturers attendance increases.

Manufacturing employees will have access to the right training & development resources and funding support

  • Supporting Strategy: Enabling the Manufacturing Workforce will have a clear strategy and role-clarity to better coordinate the players
  • Supporting Measure: Number of coordinating organizations/programs developed.

Schools will promote manufacturing jobs and have updated equipment to teach manufacturing skills

  • Supporting Strategy: Manufacturing Jobs will be viewed as attractive, premium jobs
  • Supporting Measure: School programs are filled, graduates are hired

Join us!

  • Beyond Google – NHMA gives you more.
  • Partnering to assure the stability and growth of manufacturing.
  • Working together to ensure manufacturing works.